Your Virtual Enterprise
Humans, Buildings & Machines

YVE — Your Virtual Enterprise
YVE lowers operating costs and improves efficiency by using AI-powered statistical models, Big Data and IoT to provide business insights and recommendations, while automating workflow and optimizing supply chain efficiency. YVE effectively eliminates touch points and intermediaries allowing your business to operate at its highest potential.

YVE breaks down the enterprise into three areas of focus. Human interactions and task management, facility management and operational efficiency including financial performance.

Workflow Automation

By providing access and connectivity workflow automation can be achieved by listening to and processing IoT information that may trigger an event whether a guest has arrived or a truck has entered the loading dock.

Energy Utilization, facility management, safety, and security can all be channeled through YVE to make real-time intelligent decisions.

Using continuous learning and adaptive approaches combined with best practices can afford the ultimate cobination of efficiency, optimization and sustainability.

Predictive Models

One key aspect of this capability is to look ahead using deep learning and predictive analytics to determine optimal models and look for problems.

Look Ahead Forecasting

Understanding resource allocation, peak loads and demand can dramatically improve efficiency and resource utilization. Using AI and deep learning can identify trends and outliers and improve outcomes.

Employee & Customer Engagement

Many tasks (trouble tickets, hiring, promotions) can be automated allowing your employees to spend time on what matters most while delivering great customer experiences.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimization is critical to supply chain efficiency. YVE allows you to develop your own proprietary algorithms or you can work with us on solutions with leading industry partners.

Business Insights

Presenting corporate results using key performance indicators and dashboards is a great way to create snapshots in time. But by deploying sophisticated algorithms that correlate financial, operations and sentiment information together can also provide insights to make more informed business decisions with potentially less risk.

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