Broadband Speed
with or without
the cables.

Fiber Speeds–
Faster, better, cheaper

We are a fully managed IT Services company that focuses on internet access that is simple to setup, easy to configure and upgrade and provides better performance than traditional cable and telephony solutions. Our solution oriented approach integrates marketing, sales and connectivity in one application.


Extend your corporate network citywide with ultimate reliability and security.

Light up your business district and we will provide Smart District software to make every business and amenity stand out. It is good for business, good for people and creates a community. One mobile application to drive commerce and growth.

Live Event

Connectivity that drives an ROI to extend the impact of your event experience

Whether it's 20 people or 20,000, you can take advantage of our WiFi Canopy to create a unique experience for your events. A custom mobile experience is available to provide directions, maps, shopping and more.


Provide a coworking quality experience for your tenants

With our provided software defined network we can extend access while guaranteeing security, citywide. In a constantly evolving ecosystem where working outside of the office is becoming the norm. Allow employees to get more done from home or the coffee shop.

Mixed-Use Canopy

Provide co-working quality experience for your tenants

As a building owner you can provide universal access on and around your property with connectivity backup and smart city applications to create a concierge like environment. Not just a connection but services and conveniences every mixed-use environment should have.


Speed of deployment –

With simple roof-top access we can install our high-performance solution in hours, not days or weeks waiting for construction crews. In addition, upgrades and expansions are just as simple.

Reliability & Security –

By adding a wireless fiber solution you can have a high speed network or even a seamless failover for an existing connection. Through our software defined network you can deploy highly flexible and secure bandwidth to any area, building or office even miles away.

Support –

Wi-Canopy guarantees network uptime, low latency, and no packet loss. In the unlikely event that service is negatively impacted, Wi-Canopy will provide a refund per Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidelines and strives for a 100% uptime.

Fast Speeds & Burst Capability –

Gigabit internet is highly advertised but hard to deliver with traditional networks. With Wireless Fiber you can connect directly to internet with performance up to Gigabit Ethernet dedicated connections. In addition, short term needs for high volume uploads and downloads are automatic. Our service is symmetrical, that means uploads and downloads have the same performance.

Access & Reach –

By connecting buildings with WiFi access points you can create an overlay that provides every tenant and resident with a great experience. Throughout a city block or a whole business district, your customers, employees and vendors can all seamlessly access, connect and interact with separate secure networks that have ultimate speed and reliability.

Connectivity Solution

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