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At the crossroads of efficiency and sustainability, our state-of-the-art platform provides an environment where people, businesses, and governments can flourish. Our holistic approach combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to tailor and adapt to the needs of each person, while providing businesses and governments the information needed to create a world class experience.


By combining artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques, we create a highly personalized and customized engagement model.


Through a holistic approach, we have developed a natural separation of information and visualization based on how people and businesses experience life.


We are creating the perfect blend of large enterprises, emerging mid-market companies and entrepreneurs to bring smart city capabilities to businesses everywhere.

Smart City 

Change the way your live, work, play, city operates

Our Smart City Platform delivers state-of-the-art technology and a holistic architecture to turn existing or ground-up developments into smart cities. We have intelligent solutions for every part of a city, helping with anything from adjusting a thermostat to pre-ordering your morning coffee. We will deliver the experience your citizens and visitors expect.


Welcome to the future of living

With our smart city platform, transform a business district into a hyper connected community and deliver the highest level of connectivity and convenience.

Ground Up

Create the city of tomorrow

Our experts help guide you to build an ideal smart city platform, built from the ground up. Every decision you make is a critical one. Equip yourself with all the tools you need to make those decisions easily and quickly.

Our Progress

Connectivity - Coworking - Smart Districts

Smart City Architecture

In ground up development, each experience can be planned before a brick is laid. Our fully integrated solution includes the communication fabric, plug and play device end-point connectivity, and universal data access as the needed building blocks. Adding artificial intelligence and machine learning makes our technology solutions engaging and scalable. By delivering city-wide services, our projects are efficient and economically viable for smart-cities of any size.



This base connectivity layer is a managed communication and data fabric, which will provide universal access and practically unlimited bandwidth. Multiple telephone, cable or wireless operators can already provide an unlimited bandwidth, but access must be ubiquitous. The communication and data fabric is secured, providing on-demand and dynamic network services, and enables seamless IoT connectivity and communications.


Plug & Play

The ability to access any device on a network has never been possible without special software. We are creating a new standard that allows any device to be visible and securely managed the moment it connects to the Smart City.


Smart Applications

This third layer is where our smart applications reside. These new horizontal applications will be able to crossover and understand the correlation between the residential, commercial, government and retail data. These applications are broken into ten pillars: Smart Buildings, Energy, Citizen Engagement, Life Long Learning, Finance & Commerce, Wellness & Health Data, Integrated Mobility, Smart Operations, Retail Brand AI, Safety & Security, Turning it into a Reality The pillars represent the logical grouping of applications and end user experiences. A modern Smart City will generate an enormous amount of data. Each Pillar will provide an interface to multiple organizations and their applications.


Big Data


Artificial Intelligence

There are ten pillars representing the logical grouping of data, applications, intelligence and end user experiences. A modern Smart City will generate an enormous amount of data and each pillar will provide the needed logical and physical grouping required to make the information readily consumable. Many organizations and applications will need to have vetted access to operate with the utmost efficiency and intelligence.

Retail Brand AI

Our AI assistant PAL and brand assistants can create a world class personalized experience. This is possible when privacy is respected, and the customer can have a direct conversation with the brands and stores they love. Connecting the customer’s preferences and behavior with the Internet of Things will transform it into the Internet of Me.

Wellness & Health Data

By seamlessly connecting all parts of a healthcare system you move from diagnose and treat to prevention and wellness. Benefits include a better-informed patient with improved diagnosis resulting in reduced costs, fewer hospital stays, and better outcomes with an emphasis on preventive medicine and data management that is simplified for the provider and patient.

Life Long Learning

Through real-time collaboration networks, cutting-edge curriculum can be delivered anywhere. Our Concept Foundry platform extends the reach of universities and training partners to deliver life-long learning solutions. By using adaptive learning and personalized curriculum, the student can receive deeper focus where needed resulting in a higher quality education.

Finance & Commerce

By combining IOT and big data, risk can be modeled more accurately in real-time to reduce costs of insurance and financing. Using state-of-the-art encryption, digital currency, smart cards and related technology, we provide a friction-less consumer experience by reducing risk and loss, which further drives down operating costs.

Smart Operations

Smart Operations brings together government operations, coworking, logistics, supply chain management, procurement, manufacturing, construction and maintenance with AI applications and models to increase efficiency and connect demand with resources in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. These principals are easily redeployed to multiple aspects of smart cities.

Smart Buildings

Whether you are protecting against cyber-attacks or assessing natural risks, combining cognitive computing with smart building infrastructure allows you to do even more. Our platform improves operational efficiency, lowers maintenance costs, enhances security and reduces capital risks by integrating data from multiple sources.


Energy is about supply and demand and that requires knowledge. By integrating building infrastructure with predictive analytics, adaptive intelligence can be added to the energy supply chain. On demand switching and smart, micro-grids will offer lower cost and higher efficiency solutions.

Integrated Mobility

Integrating predictive analytics will vastly improve traffic flow, parking and access, making commutes safer and less stressful. Big data that combines resources and demand through public-private partnerships (including ride services, autonomous vehicles, public transit and all aspects of the transportation system) can optimize economy, ecology and speed of transport.

Safety & Security

Information throughout the city can be shared to form a complete picture of potential hazards and threats. Using a WiCanopy model, everything is interconnected with security and privacy that is vastly improved through software defined networks resulting in reduced response time, better citizen awareness, risk reduction, and enhanced maintenance and services.

Citizen Engagement

Quality of life improves when each citizen is fully engaged in all of the aspects of a smart city. Connected health, smart retail, intelligent buildings and improved safety all create a better environment with less stress and more time for living. Our adaptive AI provides a personal assistant to every citizen, business and facility to manage life’s little details.

Turning it Into a Reality

With these layers and pillars, we have the essential elements of an Intelligent City Platform. However, it must be combined with public-private partnerships that will foster a change in cooperation, policies, and governance models to support a holistic view of city development that includes universal connectivity and data accessibility in a citizen-centric, privacy-first model. Smart City success has to be measured through citizen engagement and efficiency gains. The citizen, business and government must work together to create balance. If this is achieved, we can create The Future of Living.

Provide an uninterrupted high quality experience for your tenants

With our provided software defined network we can extend access while guaranteeing citywide security. In a constantly evolving ecosystem where working outside of the office is becoming the norm, allow employees to get more done from home or the coffee shop.

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