Transform Your
Coworking  Experience

An ecosystem to foster innovation

Concept Foundry is a solution that changes how people, business and academia work together in a modern space. Your coworking environment will improve with the implementation of our suite of features that streamline workflow, simplify daily tasks and reduce operating costs. Our AI-integrated mobile and web application creates an unrivaled member experience.



Our WiCanopy solution provides the ultimate speed, flexibility and growth. Create your own wireless, wired or wifi campus that can be extended into the community for a true smart city experience.


Whether booking rooms, desks or suites — our visual planner will make life simple. On the move — Just say: “book me a conference room tomorrow at 3pm” and you’re done.


AI analyzes each service ticket, responds for you and can even take action without human intervention. You can fully integrate lighting, HVAC or any other function — Just Say: “out of paper towels in bathroom” — done!

Dashboards & Integrations

Multi-location is enabled out of the box so you can see performance side-by-side on a customized dashboard.  Project management applications, maintenance systems, security systems and more are all ready to be connected.

On-Ramping and CRM

From scheduling a tour to sending out monthly invoices, the workflow engine is simple, light-weight, and easy to understand. Each help desk member has their own tasks and dashboard.

Events and Training

Event management, onsite training courses, marketing and promotion are all built in to one application. Create additional revenue streams without the costs of building the content.

Smart-District Enabled

Pull marketing works best when you connect to the community. We enable you to integrate local business into your facility as an extension to your products and services.

Coworking Experience

All the features including an AI assistant guide your members, create community and provide a great environment to grow a company. One platform to deliver public, member, admin web and mobile experiences.

Simplify work flows and provide services to speed company growth

Provide ultimate convienences using a hospitality model and approach

Each facility has their own AI assistant for scheduling, trouble tickets, membership, events and more

Strategy, Product Design
and Marketing Services

Concept Foundry can deliver critical services to accelerate business from concept to market. Each member has access to vetted resources in Product Design, UX Design Studio, Supply Chain, Blockchain and many other resources including an AI brand assistant to bring their message to life.

Digital Marketing Strategy can be tapped by all members with the latest AI models and approaches

Tools and Services including Product Strategy Design, UX/UI Design, Brand AI

Smart City Application development and an AI Sandbox

Integrates into Smart Cities and Smart Districts to create pull and reach

Our community engine allows you to discover and create lasting relationships to help you grow your company either locally or through our network of coworking partners.

Exposure to global resource and community

Emerging topics in education from leading universities and training centers

AI-based events and people matching algorithms to optimize your time

Our Locations

Bring your projects to Concept Foundry and build, prove and deliver innovative products and services. Access to advanced services, reducing costs and improving quality are at the core of our platform. By merging technology, AI, marketing and collaborative space, we strive to create the perfect storm for business growth whether you are Global 2000, Small Medium Enterprise or an Entrepreneur. Also, any coworking space can add concept foundry services to their offering. Are you a place looking to stand-out from the crowd?

Transform Your Coworking Environment
to Provide an Unrivaled Experience.

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