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This base connectivity layer is a managed communication and data fabric, which will provide universal access and practically unlimited bandwidth. Multiple telephone, cable or wireless operators can already provide an unlimited bandwidth, but access must be ubiquitous. The communication and data fabric is secured, providing on-demand and dynamic network services, and enables seamless IoT connectivity and communications.


Smart Applications

This third layer is where our smart applications reside. These new horizontal applications will be able to crossover and understand the correlation between the residential, commercial, government and retail data. These applications are broken into ten pillars: Smart Building, Smart Education, Smart Energy, Smart Engagement, Smart Finance, Smart Healthcare, Smart Mobility, Smart Operations, Smart Retail, and Smart Safety. The pillars represent the logical grouping of applications and end user experiences. A modern Smart City will generate an enormous amount of data. Each Pillar will provide an interface to multiple organizations and their applications.

Who We Are

After decades of management consulting and IT work solving strategic and complex operations issues facing Fortune 500 Companies and the U.S. Government, we witnessed the same scenarios repeating across multiple industries. There was no real incentive to reinvent, innovate or change existing models and methods to deliver projects that can be highly efficient and scale-able, which was more apparent then ever in real-estate and development. In essence, the world of real-estate was stuck in a 30 year rut.

When addressing large scale problems, it is important to identify the core issues and processes that create these models. Sometimes, there are years of standards and approaches that cannot be easily changed and in most cases they require multiple parties to collaborate and participate with each other.

Our Vision

Our Digital City Operating System from life.ai will balance the needs of the citizen with a privacy first - human centered design and provide leading AI tools for small and large businesses to grow. Using a privacy first model will build confidence in an integrated hyper local lifestyle. We’ve created a digital city operating system that brings traditional cities into the digital age. The life.ai platform creates a personalized, immersive citizen experience through the integration of all daily activities into one application simplifying the way people live, work, play and learn. All aspects of business operations can be addressed by the digital city operating system securely and efficiently. To create a holistic, citizen centric experience Life.ai emphasizes one main goal throughout the city – make life simple, convenient, and fun.

Imagine living in a city where every building is connected with its tenants, and those tenants are employees, and those employees have a favorite lunch spot and they all have a need for transportation and a place called home. Now, imagine all these variables interacting holistically to provide incredible convenience and simplicity and make anything from anywhere possible. This will be the Future of Living. Please feel free to reach out to us with any question or ideas.  life@life.ai

A Smart City is Born

Gramercy District was born from creating a vision, gaining the acceptance of local and regional officials and creating a great public-private partnership with Loudoun County. Their vision combined with one of the best locations in the country to develop a Smart City, on the metro within a few miles of an airport and the nations capital, was perfect. We further simplified the problem and found key partners in construction, architecture, technology and real-estate development that understand that technology, including artificial intelligence and IoT, will play a major role in the way people interact in Smart Cities. Moving those behemoths from the tried and true models was not an easy task, so we enlisted the visionaries that were wiling to take risks to become the industry leaders.

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Artificial Intelligence

This layer is for deep learning and continuous improvement. This is possible by applying cognitive computing, learning and predictive analytics to the collected data.

Moving Forward

With these layers and pillars, we have the essential pieces for an Intelligent City Platform. In review, to succeed there needs to be a change in cooperation, a change to policies and governance models to support a holistic view, increased bandwidth and data accessibility, simplicity in on-ramping any device, person, business, location, or smart application, smart applications that take into account the whole experience, big data to store information, metrics to measure performance, and finally artificial intelligence for constant improvement.Our goal is improved quality of life in a sustainable, efficient, safe environment. We will measure this through how engaged the citizen is by tracking the quality of their experience. This data will show tangible gains in overall quality of life are made whether through simplicity, automation, predictive analytics or other cognitive tools.