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Integrated Intelligence

Personal, Brand, Business and Enterprise assistants will help streamline your operations, make your life more convenient and reduce stress and risk by looking ahead in your future.

Smart City Development

First ground up smart city being built near Washinton D.C. and will open the Innovation Lab at ConceptFoundry in 2019

Property Management

Smart business & cities start with great connectivity. Wired and wireless canopies for your business, neighborhood, or city.

Coworking Solutions

Streamline Operations and create a great customer experience, an approach to collaboration and innovation that includes an AI sandbox and marketing engines.

Our AI and IoT integrated web and mobile solutions will transform buildings into productive, organizational assets for everyone in an intelligent city.

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Read the latest news, updates, and announcements about citylink.ai and Gramercy District.

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An integrated experience for every citizen to live, work, play, and learn within one easy to use application.